Meeting the challenges of transformation

From improving operations, reducing risks and harnessing better strategic insights, here’s how we turn data challenges into opportunities for growth.


Reduce risk and improve care

Hospitals need compliant and secure patient data. And without a strategy in place, fines, funding and patient care are all at risk. Managing data is now a part of providing healthcare – and this task is becoming increasingly complex.

We’ve built custom data solutions for the health sector that seamlessly integrate with source systems, helping hospitals meet both government funding and patient requirements. The outcome is complete compliance – and better quality patient care.


Getting more, for less.

A retail data strategy must offer an all-in-one view of inventory, PoS, rostering and HR. In an industry that’s never been more competitive, finding an advantage has never been more important. And the answer is in the data.

Better inventory management to reduce cost. Trend analysis to uncover sales opportunities. And real-time reporting to identify high-performing staff. Our data and Business Intelligence solutions for retail businesses unlock new insights.

Online services

Building a complete customer profile

Who are your online customers? Where do they come from? And what makes them buy? A data solution can build a 360 customer view, offering in-depth marketing insights and opportunities for growth.

We’ve built solutions for Australia’s best-known brands in online real estate, gaming and online travel. Using master data management, data warehouse design, integration, customised analytics and AI, we can build a true, accurate profile of an ideal customer.


Increasing operational efficiency

Just-in-time production. Improved inventory and warehouse management. Proactive maintenance of machinery. These are the elements strategic advantage in the manufacturing sector. And data can deliver on all.

We can develop a data solution for manufacturing to track everything from inventory values, stock movements to staff performance. Or we can predict the maintenance needs of machinery using sensor data from IoT devices. An investment in data is an investment in transformation

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